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HUGE shoutout to Frank. I’ve known him since middle school. We went our separate ways in life after but stayed close through our mutual friends.
My investment journey began in 2016, when I could only really afford penny stocks. I hated the idea of “just put money in the S&P500, and you’ll average an 8% return annually” when I would see so many stocks heavily outperform it. I wanted money to grow faster than that. Then I had major FOMO when the crypto boom happened in 2017-2018, and I put all of my savings in crypto (dumb idea) and went on an insane roller coaster ride.
That was the time Frank and I connected again after I saw him post insane profits on Twitter. I reached out and was added to an investment GC with old friends, and with each others’ help, I was up as much as 1400% at one point, but I didn’t practice “see profit, take profit.” After crypto died down and school/military life ramped up, I stopped investing, but I knew I had to get back to it.
Last year when I saw Frank started a hedge fund, I was all in. I sent him $10k to manage and he quickly more than doubled it. Since school transitioned to online learning I’m able to trade on my own again, and I apply much of Frank’s research in my trading. Since mid-March, my accounts are up over 300%.
Through this experience, I’ve learned that trading is something that anyone can learn and take advantage of. However, it takes extraordinary people with special talents to teach others how to take advantage of this opportunity to reach their financial goals sooner.
I know I’ll be a multi-millionaire one day, and with Frank’s help, I’ll get there a little faster.
In Frank We Trust

“I can’t say enough how much I love and appreciate everyone here, y’all push me to be a better trader and this week was huge in my development. I know I don’t interact much in main chat, but seeing the little side conversations and jokes always brighten up my day.”


“Maybe it’s just my account talking, but I want to let you guys know how grateful I am for the entire TWC team and chat. I’ve been able to develop a skill that no one can take away from me. I haven’t mastered this, but the ability to have great people around me just lifts me up altogether to go ahead and master this with time. From technical analysis to accountability, to managing emotions, these characteristics can be used in other aspects of life and business, and that I am forever grateful for.”

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