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Combines rigorous fundamental and succulent technical analysis with an uncompromising focus on risk management.

We believe that effective risk management is critical to delivering high yield returns and view risk as to potential loss of capital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Analyze before trading.
  • Due diligence allows you to enter a trade with sound mind.
  • Do the proper research and enter with a plan for set stop loss and position sizing.

Yes, we have resources in our education section as well as offering trading mentorship with the fund manager for no additional cost. As well our team of analysts are currently working on compiling our lesson plans. Make sure to tune in and follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

Yes, you can open a Cash Only Account on different brokers that offer this service and you will be allowed to trade 3 times a day with the cash available in your account, 3 day trades a week will not be enforced. Make sure you talk to your broker about the commissions when you open these accounts.

A paper trading account will provide you with fiat currency. You can open a paper trading account with most stock market brokers like TD Ameritrade, E-trade, Charles Schwab etc. This is extremely beneficial as paper trading allows you to sharpen your skills in the market with zero financial consequence.

This is a difficult question because there is no one answer. Depending on your goals for educational growth and financial reward, we can help suggest an initial amount. Feel free to reach out to a member of TWC for more insight on your specific situation. We generally recommend to our members at least a $2,000 USD initial investment.

Upon payment to Tiger Wolf Capital you AGREE that you are accepting full liability of any risks that you incur through trades in this membership and that you are accepting full liability of any risks that you incur through trades in this membership and that there are NO REFUNDS. You are able to cancel your membership payments at any given time, as you desire. You must cancel all automatic payments by reaching out to the launch pass support team ( or any TWC employees. Upon cancellation, you will not be charged again. You are also giving Tiger Wolf Capital permission to use all content you post in the chatroom for social media purposes.