Week 1: Intro to Trading Basics

  • What is the stock market
  • What are the 11 different stock sectors
  • How to read a stock chart
  • Finding trends

Week 2: Intro to technical analysis

  • How to use Simple Moving Average
  • How to use Different time frames
  • Intro to Fibonacci Levels
  • What is the Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • What is the MACD

Week 3: Introduction to Option Contracts and How to Trade Option Contracts

  • What are call options and put options 
  • Understanding Option Premium

Week 4: Trading

  • How to do technical analysis
  • How to do Risk reward analysis 
  • How to find entry and exit points.

Time Commitment :

  1. I would require you to meet with me twice a week for an hour each time ( 2hours), meetings are from 6pm -9pm EST Monday- Thursday
  2. We meet as a team for an hour on the weekend.
  3. I assign homework based on the meeting we have. Usually takes an hour or so to do everything.
  4. So I want to say, for you to enjoy the boot camp set aside 6 to 8 hours a week.

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