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DISCORD RECAP (2/1 – 2/5)

Last week started off great, but we slipped up on Friday.

We had a total of 15 trades, with of those trades being profitable and 6 of them losing trades.

Majority of our losing trades came on Friday.

We sure hope you caught Zoom last week.

Last week we told everyone that Zoom was gearing up for a quick move for the upside.

Went from trading at $385 to now trading $420.

We will keep watching to see if this will continue to move higher.


Welcome, change. Embrace change. Seek change.

MARKET LAST WEEK (2/1 – 2/5)

MONDAY (2/1)

Tesla is in line to receive a multi-billion dollar subsidy from the German government and Brandenburg state government. This funding comes with the stipulation that a battery cell factor is set up near Berlin. This is an area of focus and needed improvement for Tesla. During their earnings call, Tesla highlighted battery cells as the biggest constraint to scaling electric vehicle production. This hindrance hasn’t made investors wary. Ark Invest analysts Sam Korus and Tasha Teeney cited Tesla’s plans to produce 100 gigawatt-hours of batteries and their efficiency in troubleshooting previously as positive signs.


In a significant announcement, Jeff Bezos, the richest man on Earth, announced that he is taking a step back from being Chief Executive Officer of Amazon. This is a major announcement, as Amazon is the largest company on the planet, with a hand in almost every industry. Bezos announced that he is stepping down during their earnings reports and that Andy Jassy, the head of the company’s cloud division, will take the helm. He quotes the CEO position as “a deep responsibility, and it’s consuming.” He wants to focus on passion projects and philanthropic ventures. Bezos’s other projects include the Washington Post and his private space company Blue Origin (BORGN), Day One fund, and the Bezos Earth Fund.

Robinhood had to secure billions of dollars of cash to bolster its finances after the unprecedented trading events with $GME and several other stocks last week. Clearinghouses asked the brokerage to put up over $3B that would cause solvency issues, and Robinhood had been able to lower the bill to $700M due to certain stock trading limitations. This cash draw was structured as convertible debt, and this can be somewhat expensive moving forward.


U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has requested the presence of American financial regulators to discuss the high volatility seen in the markets over the past couple of weeks. Members of the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and officials from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) have all been called for this meeting. Although GameStop and other fan-favorite commodities have generally calmed since then, the more considerable concern of integrity in the market still exists. Secretary Yellen has expressed a desire to ensure “recent activities are consistent with investor protection and fair and efficient markets.”


The electric vehicle industry has had some noise surrounding it Thursday, with a chip shortage hitting the industry hard. Demand for Electric vehicles has been too high across the United States and China, which has caused a massive shortage of the chips needed for these vehicles. Recently, a report has come out about Apple that they are potentially inking a deal with Hyundai-Kia to manufacture an Apple-branded autonomous vehicle. The car would potentially go into production by 2024 and is expected to be driverless. Amazon has begun to purchase trucks for its Los Angeles deliveries, and it is planning to expand to more net-zero carbon emission cities by 2040. Currently, Ford, Toyota, and Stellantis have already idled some factories due to the shortage of semiconductors, and General Motors is joining them in taking production offline.

(Outside the news- we will begin to look into buying semiconductors for Electric vehicles)

FRIDAY (2/5)

Friday being the end of the workweek, always leaves us with a bundle of news to wake up to. In this case, Congress worked an overnight session to announce they voted to pass the legislation needed to move forward on President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package. The vote was 51-50 settled by Vice President Harris and was announced at 5 am. This will be another economic pump the Federal government will be attempting to keep the economy up and help the American people who need assistance with unemployment from the pandemic still causing financial hardship.

While later in the evening, another bombshell landed from Fox News. In the wake of a pending lawsuit against the media giants, they decided to cancel the Lou Dobbs show. He has been a longtime show host for Fox and a polarizing media figure. Many have celebrated his departure from Fox, and the show host’s abrupt release has saddened some. However, people may individually feel about the decision. It can provide a glimpse into potentially the future of media talk shows where strong divisive comments may no longer be tolerated from on-air personalities if they can lead to costly legal action.


Alibaba $BABA

Forming an inverted head and shoulder on the 2 hour time frame.

This is a bullish pattern indicating that stock price may go up.

Currently we are trading at $265 but we can see $BABA go up towards $305 in the near future.

Definitely keep an eye on this one.

Tuesday (2/1)
(Before Market Open)

United Postal Service ($UPS)

United Postal Service reported phenomenal earnings numbers for the quarter and the year as a whole, ending with a peak holiday performance. UPS saw their small and medium-sized business volume grow by almost a third to finish the year.

UPS reported the following:

  • Consolidated revenue $24.9 Billion, up 21% from last year

  • $2.9 Billion in operating profit, up 26% from last year*

  • EPS of $8.23, an increase of 9.3%

  • The operating margin expanded to 11.5%


UPS generated record revenue of $84.6 billion for the year, with growth in all three segments. This was their highest quarterly operating profit in the company’s history. As their leadership has indicated, UPS’s strong fourth-quarter results provide a glimpse into their strategic process and the new levels of success they may see shortly.


Despite all the recent drama surrounding Chinese based E-commerce giant Alibaba, they reported substantial earnings numbers with significant sales growth. This wasn’t enough to stop shares dropping more than 3% on Tuesday.

Alibaba reported the following:

  • $34.2 Billion in revenue, up 37% YoY

  • Adjusted EBITDA of $9.7 Billion, up 21% YoY

  • Cloud revenue grew 50%, first profitable quarter

  • Consolidated newly acquired Sun Art


Alibaba has commenced a share repurchase program and, as it stands, successfully navigated a problematic year in regard to the pandemic and their legal woes with stringent standards put in place by Chinese regulators. While these have been valid concerns for wary investors, the growth across so many sectors this quarter bodes well for their future.

Pfizer ($PFE)

Pfizer has developed one of the leading Covid-19 Vaccines and has distributed 65M doses and 29M doses to the U.S. Government. They aim to have 200M doses delivered in the U.S. by the end of May.

  • Revenues of $11.7B

  • Net income $594M

  • Cost of Sales $2.9B up 31%

  • R & D expenses increased by $3.1B – 24%

  • Diluted EPS Reported $.10 and Adjusted EPS of $.42

  • Adjusted 2020 Diluted EPS of $3.20

  • Paid $8.4B in Dividends

  • Forecasted Revenue of $15B for 2021

We can begin to see the results from the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine throughout 2021 and lower R&D costs for Pfizer moving forward.

British Petroleum ($BP)

British Petroleum reported Q4 and full-year results; the CEO stated that demand for the entire industry was down, and their earnings reflected that.

  • Full-year loss of $20B compared to $4B profit in 2019

  • Q4 operating profit $1.4B with a $.5B loss the quarter before

  • Operating Cash Flow of $2.4B for Q4

  • BP divested from Petrochemicals, and it generated $4.2B

  • Net debt was $39B for the year

  • A dividend of $5.25 per share was announced

BP’s products will still have deficient demand in the first half of 2021, with road and air travel still down. BP will be closely watching the results of the COVID-19 vaccination as this has a significant effect on the demand for travel across the globe.


ExxonMobil has reported yet another abysmal earnings report, with this week making the fourth consecutive quarter in the red. While Exxon managed to beat expectations for EPS, they failed to meet them for revenue. This further highlighted the effect the pandemic has had on this industry leader.

Exxon reported the following:

  • $20.1 Billion loss

  • EPS of $0.03

  • $46.5 Billion in revenue

  • Earnings of $100 Million


ExxonMobil is struggling immensely to recover from the impact of the pandemic, with shares down 27% over the past year. A viable path forward for them is contingent upon successfully vaccinating the public and a healthy economy. While there are reportedly talks of a merger with Chevron, ExxonMobil has declined to comment on the matter.

(After Market Close)

Amazon ($AMZN)

Amazon had an earnings call that was full of surprises. Amazon had their highest revenue earning a quarter of all time, and this managed not to be the headline of the event. CFO Brian Olsavsky announced that Jeff Bezos would be stepping down as CEO and transitioning to an executive chair role. Bezos is succeeded by Andy Jassy, formerly the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) since its inception in 2003.

Amazon reported the following:

  • $125.56 Billion in sales

  • EPS of $14.09

  • $12.7 Billion cloud-computing revenue, up 28%

  • $6.87 Billion in operating income, up 77% on the quarter


Amazon has performed beyond even their wildest expectations. They are the clear industry leader in E-Commerce and cloud services when there is no better time. They adjusted to the pandemic skillfully and were well-positioned to benefit due to the nature of their services. Amazon will find it difficult to beat the record numbers they just produced as lockdown restrictions ease and consumer spending begins to disperse.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had a great earnings call that sent share prices skyrocketing just shy of 8% on Tuesday. The highlight of their earnings call was the strong growth seen in their core advertising business, partially to new advertising methods.

Electronic Arts ($EA) 

EA just released their Q3 earnings this past week, and with next-gen consoles in high demand, EA launched a variety of the games for the new platforms. With video games being an at-home activity outside of e-sport tournaments, they produced a strong Q3 report. Games such as the sims 4 produced a record number of users in December 2020, and FIFA ultimate team was operating with 6 million daily users. With such high volume and in game microtransaction increasingly common, it is no surprise that EA was able to repurchase 2.5 million shares in December alone.

EA reported the following

  • Net cash provided by operating activities was $1.124 billion for the quarter

  • a record $2.061 billion for the trailing twelve months

  • EA repurchased 2.5 million shares for $326 million during the quarter

  • EA paid a cash dividend of $0.17 per share during the quarter

Takeaway: EA produced a strong quarter that led to large share buybacks and records profits. With e-sports and streams becoming increasingly popular and a fan favorite NCAA Football being announced as returning to shelves, I cannot imagine Q4 will break from their positive trend that has solidified over the past three fiscal quarters.


Alphabet reported the following:

  • $56.90 Billion in revenue, EPS of $22.30 

  • Advertising revenue of $46.2 Billion, up 22% from the year-ago quarter

  • $6.89 Billion in YouTube ads, up 46% YoY

  • Cloud business Lost $1.24 Billion in operating income for the quarter, $5.61 Billion for the year

  • Acquired Fitbit


Alphabet earnings were up 45% from a year ago, and they far outperformed standard metrics. Google’s loss of operating income for their cloud business shows they are still in investment mode. Google Clouds revenue grew 47% year over year. Alphabet is poised to see continued success as their rebound in the advertising business indicates.


Chipotle Mexican Grill reported their numbers in their earnings call, where they announced they failed to meet earnings expectations but did meet revenue projections. Chipotle recovered from the pandemic well thanks to its solid digital footprint, which was represented in digital orders and delivery. Shares hit an all-time high during trading Tuesday.

Chipotle reported the following:

  • $1.61 Billion in revenue

  • $190.0 Million in net income

  • Digital sales increased 177%

  • EPS of $3.48


While Chipotle was among those initially struck by the pandemic, they have rebounded very well, as evidenced by their strong digital sales growth. We can expect further sales growth with restrictions in place from the pandemic easing and broader spread of the vaccine. CFO Jack Hartung has indicated that they still plan to follow through with their stock buyback in Q1 or Q2, pending the economic outlook.

Wednesday (2/2)
(Before Market Open)


Sony is reporting Q3 earnings, and their company is positioned for success with their Gaming, Music, Pictures, and Electronic products segments. Sony released the much-anticipated PS5 that sells out within minutes of being released.

  • $28B in Sales for Q3, 9% increase YoY

  • $3B in operating income -20% YoY

  • $4.5B Income before Taxes -54% YoY

  • $8.4B in sales for Gaming, $2.5B in Music, $1.8B in Pictures, $6.2B Electronic Products, $4B in Financial Services

Due to continued stay-at-home orders and a record level of user engagement, Sony has been able to reach a record amount of sales. Sony needs to be able to produce PS5’s at the same level or increased level with more efficiency.

Enterprise Product Partners ($EPD)

Enterprise Product Partners is natural gas, crude oil, and petrochemical company.

Currently, demand for EPD’s product line is down, much like the rest of the energy industry with the decreased global travel.

  • $3.8B Net Income or $1.7 EPS on Diluted Basis, compared to $4.6B – $2.09B EPS

  • Net Cash Flow for 2020 as $5.9B, in comparison to $6.5B in 2019

  • Operating income for Q4 was $708M, and $5B for the year

  • Net Income of $366M, for the year $3.8B

  • Revenue of $7B for Q4 and $27B for 2020

While revenue and profits for the year may be down for the year, EPD is due for a strong rebound in 2021, with vaccine rollout and travel rebounding in Q3.

Spotify ($SPOT)

SPOT released a relatively stable earnings report for their Q4 earnings call, although it did not prevent a small sell-off from occurring. Following the music-streaming services report, shares fell about 30$ in price, leading to a loss in value of 5.25 billion. Although earnings sell-off aside, with many well-known podcasts available and various music, they beat analysts’ expectations of new paid subscribers reaching 11 million new additions, exceeding expectations by 2 million. It should be noted that shares rallied at near-market closing should lead to rather mixed-feelings for investors.

SPOT reported the following

  • Free Cash Flow of €74 million

  • total MAUs grew 27% Y/Y to 345 million in the quarter

  • Premium Subscribers grew 24% Y/Y to 155 million in the quarter

  • Total revenue of €2,168 million increased 17% Y/Y in Q4

  • Premium, average revenue per user of €4.26 in Q4 was down 8% Y/Y


Spot provided much good news for current and potential investors showing that user interactions and subscriptions are rising. However, the report did include some negative metrics, such as paid subscription revenue being down 8%. A minor loss in revenue is not the end of the world for tech companies, as we have witnessed in our current market. With that said, investors will be looking forward to their continued progress in 2021 as they expand their subscriber base with podcasts and music that appeal to new markets.

(After Market Close)

PayPal ($PYPL)

PYPL reported another strong quarter to close out their fiscal year. Q1-Q3 were all good earning quarters for Paypal, and Q4 did not break the trend, leading to shares increasing 3% in after-hours trading. With the world continuing to shop online at higher rates because of the pandemic, Paypal has benefitted from the transition all year long.

PayPal reported the following

  • PayPal added 16 million new accounts in the fourth quarter

  • 39% jump in total payment volume

  • $6.12 billion in revenue

  • the company expects that total payment volumes will grow in the high 20% range in 2021


Online shopping has significantly expanded as businesses adapted to the pandemic shutting down brick and mortar locations. In this transition, merchants and customers alike grew their use of PayPal to buy and sell products. Even American Express has partnered with PayPal to provide clients incentives to shop through them. With the world continuing to move away from in-store purchases, we can expect PayPal to continue to shine this year.

Grubhub ($GRUB)

GRUB reported a massive 4th quarter earnings result. I think it is safe to say we are all familiar with food delivery apps; they indulge us when we want food but don’t or can’t get it ourselves. Compared to 2019, food orders skyrocketed in 2020, and with people staying home more, it comes as no surprise.

Grubhub reported the following.

  • The company reported revenues of $504 million

  • 48% year-over-year increase from $341 million in the same period last year

  • Gross Food Sales grew 52% year-over-year to $2.4B

  • Active Diners: 31.4 million, a 39% year-over-year increase from 22.6 million Active Diners in the fourth quarter of 2019

  • Daily Average Grubs (DAGs): 658,100 a 31% year-over-year increase from 502,600 DAGs in the fourth quarter of 2019


I will be the first to admit that I spend more time ordering food delivery apps than I should. Although with the numbers Grubhub has posted, at least I know I am not the only one. Truthfully, with more restaurants expanding food delivery offerings, we can see the market values for Grub and similar companies continuing to grow.


PTON, the exercise choice of President Biden, albeit modified for security reasons. Although we all remember their questionable TV ads last year, it was not enough to dull their luster to the exercising masses. Peloton reported a 128% revenue increase in Q2. A reported 124% subscriber increase fueled Their monstrous earnings. They are adding massive amounts of new customers, but just as important, retaining a vast majority of existing customers.

  • PTO N reported the following

  • Q2 total revenue grew 128% to $1,064.8 million

  • Q2 Average Net Monthly Connected Fitness Churn was 0.76%; Q2 12-month retention rate was 92%

  • Q2 ending Connected Fitness Subscriptions grew 134% to approximately 1.67 million 

  •  paid Digital Subscriptions grew 472% to approximately 625,000; total Members grew to over 4.4 million


Peloton has gathered a large amount of steam, and if they can retain the majority of the consumers for the foreseeable future, shareholders will be pleased with the company. I am not sure if over 100% growth every quarter is sustainable, but if they can do it again in Q3 2021, then I won’t be able to doubt them in Q4 of continuing their bull run.

Thursday (2/3)
(Before Market Open)

Penn Gaming

Penn Gaming reported earnings that were off the mark but provided keen insight into their growth moving forward. Casino companies are still being hurt by Covid guidelines, but Penn has provided a positive outlook with the Barstool Sportsbook being implemented in more states.

  • Q4 Revenue of $1.03B

  • Net Income of $12.7M

  • EBITDAR of $365.4M, EBITDA of $255.9M

  • Cash Balance of $1.9B, pay down of $115M – with a net debt decreased to $578M

  • Northeast segment 45.8%, South segment -24%, West segment – 7.7%, Midwest segment -18.3%

We can begin to look for continuation of the positive trend for the Barstool Sportsbook and My choice iCasino Gaming segments while in-person Gambling has been stalled until the vaccine rollout.

Clorox (CLX) 

Clorox reported strong earnings pre-market on Thursday, beating analyst expectations and topping revenue forecasts. Clorox earnings report followed major competitor Proctor&Gamble’s reporting, which also exceeded expectations. However, Clorox outperformed P&G significantly.

The company reported the following:

  • Earnings per share of $2.03, even though analyst expectations were around $1.77 EPS

  • Revenue of $1.84B with analyst expectations closer to revenue of $1.75B

  • Shares up 1% from the beginning of the year, underperforming the S&500, which is up 1.97%

Takeaway: Clorox is expected to continue doing well throughout the year, as consumer habits regarding cleaning and sanitation have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can expect the share price to continue to rise with the stimulated economy improvements throughout the next few months.

Quest Diagnostics (DGX)

Quest beat earnings in their reporting pre-market on Thursday. The company is outperforming the S&P500, with shares up 11.33% since the beginning of the year.

  • Revenues: $3B (+55.4% Y/Y), beats by $80M

  • Net income: $579M (+129%);

  • Earnings per share of $4.21; non-GAAP EPS: $4.48 (+168%) beating analyst expectations of eps $3.98

  • Full-year cash provided by operations of $2B (+61.3%)


While shares were down 1.5% pre-market on Thursday, the company’s expectations for Q1 of 2021 included net revenues between $4.85B and $5.15B; EPS between $5.07 and $6.07.

(After Market Close)

Snapchat (Snap)

Snap reported earnings post-market on Thursday. The stock price fell 10% in after-hours trading, despite beating Wall Street’s expectations on earnings, revenue, and user growth.

The company reported:

  • Adjusted earnings per share of 9 cents vs. analyst expectations of 7 cents per share

  • Revenue of $911 million vs. analyst forecasting of $857.4 million 

  • Global daily active users (DAUs): 265 million vs. 257.79 million expected

  • The average revenue per user (ARPU): $3.44 vs. expert expectations of $3.34

Takeaway: The company reported Q1 2021 expectations that came in much lower than analyst expectations, stating that IOS 14’s updated privacy policies (to take effect later this quarter) may hinder revenue growth.

Pinterest (PINS)

Pinterest beat their earnings after reporting for 2020 Q4 post-market on Thursday. The stock increased 11.7% in pre-market trading on Friday after the report. CFO and Head of Business Operations, Todd Morgenfeld, said, “Q4 capped a remarkable year of growth for Pinterest…As we start 2021, we’ll be building on this momentum.”

They reported:

  • Diluted EPS of $0.43, which came in ahead of analysts’ estimates of $0.32 

  • Revenue in the fourth quarter grew by 76% year-over-year to $706 million, beating consensus estimates of $645.6M

  • The company’s global monthly active users (MAUs) grew 37% year-over-year to 459M


With many analysts giving the stock a HOLD rating, the company is looking towards continued growth in Q1. Despite the uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company expects Q1 growth in the low 70% range year-over-year.


T-Mobile managed to beat yearly and quarterly earnings, as reported Thursday. With most companies struggling to meet Wall Street’s 2020 predictions, T-Mobile concluded 2020 to be its “best year ever.” With 5g addition, T-Mobile is becoming the obvious choice for many customers because they offer lower costs than competitors. Their continued growth makes T-Mobile a force to be reckoned with, as they anticipate seeing even more impressive numbers in the coming year.

  • Ended the quarter and fiscal year with 102.1 million customers

  • Yearly non-GAAP EPS were $2.65 per share

  • Yearly revenue came to $68.4B

  • Q4 earnings were $750 million

  • Q4 EPS were $0.60 per share


T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, said about 2020 earnings, “these results show that we’re pulling way ahead of the pack on what matters – overall 5G network performance – and executing to stay ahead.” Beating earnings predictions this past year has been no small feat, but T-Mobile has managed to become the industry leader in customer growth and profitability through difficult circumstances. If they keep it up, 2021 should be no different.

Gilead Sciences 

Gilead Sciences had a disappointing year for investors, with shares falling 10%, up until Q4, that is. Following market close on Thursday, the company reported $7.3B in revenue, matching Wall Street’s estimate and beating the prior year’s numbers by 26%. Additionally, their yearly earnings increased by $1.5B year-over-year, the key to their growth being a COVID-19 drug.

  • $5 billion total shareholder return in 2020, representing ~67% of Free Cash Flow

  • Product Sales increased 10% to $24.4B

  • Diluted EPS of $0.10; Non-GAAP Diluted EPS of $7.09

  • Q4 net income of $1.6 billion (GAAP)

  • Q4 EPS of $1.23 (GAAP)


While Gilead struggled in 2020, Q4 was a bright spot for shareholders. The best news of the Q4 update arguable being the 2021 guidance from Gilead Sciences. They expect a full-year 2021 revenue between $23.7 billion and $25.1 billion. Additionally, Gilead is looking for adjusted earnings per share (EPS) between $6.75 and $7.45 in 2021. The drugs that Gilead anticipates to be the catalyst of their growth are Biktarvy, Veklury, and Trodelvy.

UPCOMING WEEK 1/25 – 01/29


Monday, Feb 8, 2021
After Market Close

$CHGG – Chegg is a service that provides students with a full end to end experience of giving answers to questions they may have. Students have increasingly used this platform to provide solutions from experts to questions they get, whether homework or tests. Expected EPS of $.49 and Revenue of $189.68M, with expected quarterly revenue to increase by 51.1%.

$KKR – KKR is an investment firm that operates under the private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate, credit strategies, and hedge funds. Expected EPS of $.44, and Revenue of $545.9M, with expected quarterly revenue to decrease by -48.6%.

$SPG – Simon Property Group is the global leader in the ownership of premier shopping malls, dining, and mixed-use destinations. Their properties span across the globe, and SPG has been hurt immensely by Covid-19, with retailers being shut down for months. Expected EPS of $2.24 and Revenue of $1.14B, with expected quarterly revenue to decrease by -23.4%.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Before Market Open

$CGC – Canopy growth company is a marijuana company that is expected to increase its sales exponentially throughout the next four years with the change in administration. Cannabis as an industry will be growing exponentially, and $CGC is expected to follow the trend right along with it. Canopy will be reporting its quarterly and annual earnings on Tuesday. The expected EPS for the quarter is -$.1, and revenue is $115.75M, with expected quarterly revenue to increase by 23.4%.

$SPGI – Standard and Poors is the premier rating agency for bonds; they also provide benchmarks, analytics, and data to the capital and commodity markets. Expected EPS of $2.55 and Revenue of $1.75B, with expected quarterly revenue to increase 1%.

$FIS – Fidelity is one of the largest brokerage firms, and after what happened last week with Robinhood explaining they had solvency issues last week. Fidelity focuses on retail traders, payments, asset and wealth management, and several other financial services. Expected EPS of $1.62 and Revenue of $3.36B, with expected quarterly revenue to increase by .5%.

After Market Close

$TWTR – After one of the most contentious and volatile months ever for the social media platform, they had removed the former POTUS and been accused of breaching the first amendment and lost thousands of users because of it. They have an expected EPS of $.29 and Revenue of $1.19B, with expected quarterly revenue to increase by 18%.

$CSCO – is the worldwide leader in Information Technology that seizes the opportunity of tomorrow. Cisco has played an integral role in the stay-at-home orders and connecting employees in meetings when they aren’t together. They also provide solutions to businesses remaining at home with end to end solutions. They have an expected EPS of $.78 and Revenue of $11.92B, with an expected quarterly revenue decrease of -.7%.

$LYFT – Lyft is a ride-sharing platform that has been hit extremely hard from Covid-19 as their primary business is users entering stranger’s cars and taking them places. Usage for the app is low, as people do not want to contract Covid-19 from a stranger. Expected EPS of -$.62 and Revenue of $553.83M, with an expected quarterly revenue decrease of -45.5%.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Before Market Open

$KO – Coca-Cola is the premier soft drink company that has been established for a long time and has horizontally lateralled their business into several other soft drink segments. They have different brands under the umbrella, including Dasani, Fanta, Gold Peak, Honest Tea, Minute Maid, Powerade, Sprite, and Zico coconut water. They have an expected EPS of $.46 and Revenue of $8.65B, with expected quarterly revenue to decrease by -4.6%.

$GM – General Motors is a blue-chip company manufacturing cars for over a hundred years. Recently, General Motors has begun designing and manufacturing Electric Vehicles to combat the Tesla growth and take market share. Expected EPS of $2.20 and Revenue of $35.92B, with expected quarterly revenue to increase by 16.5%.

$UAA –  Under Armour is one of the largest performance apparel brands globally and revolutionized the way athletes across the world dress. Under Armour has much more than apparel under their umbrella, supplying teams with equipment for in-game activities. Expected EPS of -$.07 and Revenue of $1.27B, with a quarterly revenue to decrease by -11.9%.

After Market Close

$UBER – Much like Lyft, their main business derives from people entering into a Stranger’s car and arriving at their destination. Many people have chosen to decline to ride-share in the current climate with Covid-19. Uber has another business segment that has been extremely successful throughout the pandemic, Uber Eats. Uber Eats has been heavily used throughout the pandemic as delivery service use has spiked the last 11 months.

$MGM – MGM resort international, like Penn National and other casino companies, has been bleeding cash throughout the pandemic, and their earnings are expected to reflect that. Unlike Penn National, MGM doesn’t have such a wide following and hasn’t had as much success on the online sports book and iCasino segments. Expected EPS of -$.96 and Revenue of $1.47B, with an expected quarterly revenue decrease of -53.8%.

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Before Market Open

$PEP – PepsiCo, much like $KO, is one of the leaders in the entire soft drink industry. They own several other brands under their umbrella that include: Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Quaker, Tropicana. A blue-chip company that will be used in any market climate has rebounded effectively throughout Covid-19. Expected EPS of $1.51 and Revenue of $21.99B, with an expected quarterly revenue increase of 6.5%.

$TSN – Tyson food is one of the largest producers of Chicken, Beef, and pork, the second-largest food company in the Fortune 500, and a member of the SP500. The company produces a wide variety of protein-based food products and is the retail and food service leader. Expected EPS of $1.58 and Revenue of $11.08B, with an expected quarterly revenue increase of 2.5%.

$KHC- Kraft Heinz provides numerous amounts of products in the retail food and beverage space, including Heinz Ketchup, Capri Sun, Classico, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Lunchables, Maxwell House, Ore-Ida, Oscar Meyer, Philadelphia, Planters, and Velveeta. Expected EPSof $.74 and Revenue of $6.86B, with an expected quarterly revenue increase of 5%.

$AZN – AstraZeneca is one of the few companies that was able to produce a successful Covid-19 vaccine, and earnings should begin to rebound after all the money spent on R&D to develop the vaccine. Expected EPS of $.53 and Revenue of $6.96B, with expected quarterly revenue of 4.4%.

After Market Close

$DIS – Disney is one of the largest media companies and owns several brands under their broad umbrella of many ventures. Their media networks segment drives 36.8% of their revenue, and that portion has been extremely profitable throughout Covid-19. Direct-to-Consumer & International make up over 28% of the business, including ESPN+ and Disney+, which has recently seen an all-time high in viewers. Expected EPS of $-.47 and Revenue of $15.64B, with an expected quarterly revenue decrease of -25%.



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