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We are a Hedge Fund that fosters a community of ambitious traders and investors seeking to improve their knowledge in the stock market.


Tiger Wolf Capital General Information

Tiger Wolf Capital is seeking to promote financial literacy and financial growth for everyone

1. Teach members how to read stock charts, make analysis, and execute trades on their own.

2. Provide investment services for the average person, not just wealthy individuals. 

Investing With Us: 

Our investment strategy sets us apart as we are a high growth fund, with a focus on options,  have the average person as an investor, we focus on innovative research, accessibility, and transparency, and have a low barrier of entry.

Trading With Us:

Surround yourself with a growth mindset team, have personal trading meetings, educational materials, daily market analysis, and overall learn a lifetime skill. 



Tiger Wolf Capital investment strategy is SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.

We use traditional simple moving averages paired up with Fibonacci Sequences. 

We believe in price action and data.

We focus on the direction as shown in the charts with potential outside catalysts that will reinforce the market direction

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1 On 1 Meeting and Goal Setting

Availability of experienced traders always available to answer your questions or concerns

Educational Trading Materials

Videos, Lectures, PowerPoints, and Zoom Sessions to learn about the market.

Latest Market Research

Real-time market updates and analysis.

Community of Traders

Brainstorm ideas, trades, and knowledge with likeminded individuals


Discord = Financial Education

Sharing Financial Literacy With Others
Discord Chat Covers :
  • Current Macro and Micro Economic Data
  • Simple and Complex Investment Strategies
  • How to Read Charts
  • Add and Interpret Technical Analysis
  • Execute a Trade
  • Recaps of Trades
We believe our product is for beginners who want to learn how to trade as well as experience traders who like to brush up and sharpen their skills.

Let's build something extraordinary together!